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General terms
General terms
1. Responsibilities

Users are fully and solely responsible for their actions.

The commune of Gland is in no way liable for any incident or damage incurred by a carpooling user in his/her use of the site.

The commune of Gland is in no way liable for any problem arising during carpooling journeys (late arrivals, absences, accidents, etc.)

2. Use of the site

The user agrees to use the site only for the purposes of the service, which is the establishment of networks of people who wish to share their commuting journey with one another. The user agree not to use the site in a manner that would be prejudicial to third parties, in an abusive or damaging fashion, on generally in any manner that is in any way prejudicial to the rights of a third party.

The users of the site agree to answer in a timely manner to any request they may receive.

3. Personal data

The user of the site confirms that the information provided is truthful and accurate, including the information that enables to establish a network of drivers and passengers (i.e. valid surname, first name, address, phone numbers, timetables). They can delete or edit this information at any time by clicking on My Account and Cancel my Registration.

4. Individual responsibilities and insurance

4.1 Individual responsibilities: As carpooling results only from the agreement made between the members of the carpooling team, they agree to be solely and entirely responsible for their own actions.

4.2 Insurance: The members of the carpooling team who offer their car for the purposes of commuting (drivers) agree to check that their insurance is valid.

5. Information for smooth journeys

5.1 Generally speaking, each one of the following points should be discussed and agreed upon by all members of the carpooling team, prior to the establishment of the team.
  • pick-up and drop-off place
  • children who need to be dropped-off
  • timetable
  • smoking
  • participation in the costs
  • music in the car

5.2 Punctuality Each member of the team agrees to respect the timetables and pre-arranged meetings. In case of a last-minute change of plan, members are to notify in a timely manner their carpooling partners of the said change.

5.3 Security The driver agrees not to take any risks, not to be under the influence of substances that could affect his/her driving abilities and to drive with care and prudence. The driver ensures that his/her vehicle is in good working order. Passengers are not to disturb the driver while he/she is driving

5.4 Law The driver is to comply with the code of the road and the law. All concerned parties agree not to carry any dangerous or illegal substance during shared journeys.

5.5 Cleanliness of the vehicle Each member of the carpooling team takes all necessary measures to ensure that the vehicle is kept in a good state of cleanliness.

5.6 Expenses The members of a carpooling team are to share fairly the expenses incurred during journeys by mutual agreement

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